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Your Custom Thermal Solution Specialists

CCI specializes in high efficiency combustion and control system upgrades and replacements, including custom control panels, linkage-less systems, custom process heating solutions and control specialization.

Custom Thermal Solutions

Turnkey Retrofits

After Sales Service

Energy Auditing

Our Commitment:  Combustion Control Inc.’s goal is to make a positive impact on every interaction, both in and outside of the corporation. Combustion Control Inc. is committed to working with leading manufacturers to offer custom solutions that meet our trinity of values, Safety, Sustainability and Reliability.

Who We Are

Combustion Control Inc. provides professional and reliable customer service and after sales support to customers within the communities we serve.  Our goal is to make a positive impact on every interaction both in and outside of the corporation.  We are committed to working with leading manufacturers to offer custom solutions that meet our trinity of values, Safety, Sustainability and Reliability.

Combustion Control Inc. is a part of the construction and manufacturing industries. Our turnkey solutions for combustion and control solutions are designed to help simplify the plant engineer’s choice on equipment specifications by going with a “one-stop” shop. We offer various solutions to building heat, hot-water, steam production and process heat solutions.


Combustion Control Inc. has partnered with several other corporations to offer efficiency auditing and energy management solutions. With the use of our proprietary technology we can analyse where your processing equipment can be more efficient and help reduce your operating costs.

Combustion Control Inc. also provides a full-service department to help mitigate customers down time by offering maintenance contracts and offers comprehensive preventative maintenance programs.

What We Do

Custom Thermal Solutions

Process heat designed to meet your specifications – includes burner packages, control panels, installations and service.
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Turnkey Retrofits

Your source for replacement of existing process equipment and control systems.
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After Sales Service

Our fully knowledgeable Service department is here to serve your needs 24/7.
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Energy Auditing

Working together with various utilities and corporations to find ways to reduce your operation costs.
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Our Capabilities

Combustion Control Inc. offers custom control upgrades and burner replacements for process heating solutions including the following industries; heat treating, food processing, manufacturing and material coating facilities.

  • Custom control panels
  • Custom process heating solutions
  • Control specialization
  • Turn-key link ageless burner solutions – including but not limited to: Burners, Boilers, aggregate dryers and process ovens/furnaces
  • Efficiency upgrades
  • Energy Monitoring

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