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Industries Served

Combustion Control Inc. offers custom control upgrades and burner replacements for process heating solutions including the following industries; heat treating, food processing, manufacturing and material coating facilities.

Food & Beverage Processing Plants

Combustion Control Inc. works with various food processors from Livestock feed plants to coffee roasting facilities and everything in between.  We specialize in operational efficiencies for process heat boilers and hot water clean up applications.  With our fully staffed service department we can help to mitigate downtime by offering comprehensive maintenance programs and annual inspections of boilers and heating equipment.  We also provide after hours service for when our customers need us to help them maintain their schedules. 

Combustion Control Inc. also offers equipment replacements and upgrades. We work closely with Energy Auditors and Utilities to secure our food processing clients Grants and Rebates to help offset capital expenditures.

Greenhouse Facilities

Combustion Control Inc. works with agricultural producers to help provide reliable equipment when its needed most.  Our team has worked closely with various greenhouses to implement CoGeneration Equipment. This equipment helps growers reduce their electrical costs for lighting, increased CO2 production and added thermal capabilities for their facilities.  Our Linkageless technologies help customers receive higher turn-down, added efficiencies and safety to their process heating equipment.  We offer comprehensive maintenance programs and combustion analysis to help maintain critical equipment at its peak performance.

Combustion Control Inc. also offers remote monitoring capabilities to greenhouse equipment, which helps facilities track their assets and ensure that everything is running.  Notifications can set up for either SMS (text based) or Email allowing clients to know in real-time when an issue presents itself.

Heavy Industries

Combustion Control Inc. works with industry to help reduce emissions and recover waste heat to be utilized elsewhere in the process. Our team specializes in thermal management solutions including flue gas analysis and linkageless hardware.  We continue to improve upon existing equipment and help to correctly size burners and equipment for proper thermal management.  We provide and install recuperaters and economizers to help our clients recover otherwise wasted heat.

Combustion Control Inc. works closely with design engineers and clients to create custom control packages to help simplify process heating applications.  This includes the ability to remotely monitor equipment status’ and failures.  We have worked with clients in the following industries; Galvanizing, Heat Treating, Steel and Aluminum Manufactures, Pulp and Paper Production, Plastic Extrusion, Mining, Ore Refining, Petroleum Refineries and Protective Coatings.