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FortisBC Boiler Upgrade Rebates

As an approved FortisBC Point-of-Sale rebate vendor, Combustion Control Inc. is proudly able to offer a full suite of energy saving turnkey upgrades for your steam boiler plant with an instant cost reduction of up to 75%. This is a rare and easy opportunity to bring existing boilers up to modern standards of efficiency, reliability, safety, and automation with minimal capital expense and very little downtime. 

Here’s how our simple upgrade process works:

  1. Call CCI to speak with a sales engineer, who will ask a few simple questions to assess eligibility and identify suitable upgrade measures for your boilers.
  2. We perform an initial site visit to gather more details about your system, explain the recommended upgrade options, and address any further questions.
  3. We provide a turnkey quotation for the supply, installation, and commissioning of the proposed upgrades, showing the applicable rebate value and post-rebate net total. 
  4. A purchase order is issued by the client for the post-rebate net total. The customer does not need to wait to receive a rebate cheque from FortisBC; up to 75% of the project cost is deducted instantly at the time of sale by CCI.
  5. CCI processes the rebate application internally with FortisBC while supplying, installing, and commissioning the new upgrades.

Upgrades Available for Steam Boilers

Parallel Positioning (Linkage-less) Controls and O2 Trim: This is the first upgrade we recommend for any steam boiler that currently uses a single servomotor and mechanical linkage to control the burner firing rate. To make a simple analogy, this is like upgrading a car’s engine from an old carburetor to a modern electronic fuel injection system. The key benefits are:

  • Improved reliability
  • Safer boiler operation
  • Reduced wear, maintenance/repair requirements
  • Better control accuracy
  • Digitalization of hundreds of operating parameters, unlocking remote control and monitoring capabilities
  • Typical fuel efficiency improvement of 3-7%, typical ROI of 1-3 years

The typical total value of this package is $60,000 per boiler, however, eligible CCI customers only pay $15,000 thanks to the point-of-sale rebate. To learn more about this upgrade, see our case study.

Contact us to learn more about burner control upgrades.

Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Blowdown Control: This is an automated surface blowdown system which replaces continuous blowdown or a manually operated blowdown setup. A digital controller samples the boiler water every 20-30 minutes to test the conductivity, which indicates the concentration of dissolved solids. When the concentration exceeds the maximum threshold, the controller automatically opens the surface blowdown valve for a preset time duration. The key benefits of this upgrade are:

  • Minimizes boiler chemical consumption
  • Lowers energy loss by reducing make-up water consumption
  • Keeps TDS within correct range at all times, ensuring high quality (dry) steam

Contact us to learn more about automatic blowdown controls.

Economizers: Economizers are heat exchangers which capture extra energy from the boiler’s exhaust stack, transferring it into a liquid heat sink, which is most commonly the boiler’s own feedwater. Sometimes, the economizer can be designed to condense water vapour out of the exhaust gas, which can create substantial energy savings. The amount of energy that can be extracted depends on the design and operating characteristics of the boiler plant. In the right application, an economizer is a great way to reduce fuel consumption.

Contact us to learn more about economizers.

For full program details and eligibility requirements, visit