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Preventative Maintenance & Repairs

Regular preventative maintenance of critical equipment is among the top priorities of most experienced plant managers. This is especially true in settings such as process plants, hospitals, and municipal infrastructure facilities, wherein any extended downtime would result in a significantly problematic loss of production output, revenues, or availability of critical public services. 

We work closely with each of our clients to develop thorough PM schedules for critical equipment and infrastructure such as boilers, process burners, and gas distribution pipelines. After each PM visit, our technicians provide reports which are submitted to the maintenance manager, including photos and descriptions of any discovered deficiencies. Our technical team then follows up with recommended options for problem resolution.

CCI is licensed and authorized by Technical Safety BC to perform annual boiler inspections, which are required by law. Our standard annual boiler service includes pressure vessel inspection, relief valve replacement, testing/inspection of all boiler components with replacement as needed, combustion analysis, and burner tuning.

Even with good maintenance, equipment can sometimes fail unexpectedly, requiring a rapid response from a qualified technician. For this reason, CCI ensures that technicians are available to respond to emergency service calls from our clients on short notice year-round.

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